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Who we are, today

Leexè is an effective and consistent professional community, made of people who combine competence and, above all, commitment to excellence.

We operate on a personal scale and within an organization designed and evolved to provide qualified and efficient service, maintaining a strong focus on the outside world, keeping pace with technological and social changes well beyond national borders.

The demand for legal services is constantly evolving, both in the areas of interest related to economic and social life, and in the methods of delivery of legal services.

Thus, our structure integrates a wide spectrum of “traditional” competencies in commercial, corporate, civil liability and labor law, has developed a specialization in emerging technologies, which are not only studied in their legal and ethical implications, but also as soon as possible adopted and studied in their practical implications.

From an organizational point of view, we are organized into specialized departments, while maintaining a broad competence in the areas of civil and commercial law.

At the same time, we cultivate the human, relational and ethical aspects of the professional relationship and a deep sense of responsibility, a quality that our clients appreciate from the very first interaction.

We are, individually and as a firm, actively engaged in transnational networks and alliances in which we play significant roles, and in concrete actions to ensure that our work have a positive and tangible impact on society.

Our values, always


We manage time and resources optimally to provide each client with high-quality legal services at a reasonable cost.

This goal is achieved through the adoption of technologies and processes aimed at ensuring extremely competitive intervention and execution times.


Independence is a natural characteristic for us, which translates into being objective and impartial in evaluations and decisions, managing conflict control in a documented, rapid and rigorous manner. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring our clients great flexibility and rapid decision-making processes. i.


Ethics and quality are inextricably linked in every aspect of our profession and in every relationship, both with colleagues and with clients.

For us, quality, dedication and continuous improvement are fundamental elements of professional ethics.


Our consolidated professional relationships in Europe and in numerous jurisdictions outside the continent give us a privileged view of the trends in national corporate law, allowing us to be a reliable partner capable of providing high-quality legal assistance in multiple legal contexts.


We do not believe in formalities that are not strictly in the service of substance.

We have a flexible and collaborative approach with clients and colleagues, adopting clear and effective communication.


We have a deep knowledge of our clients, fully understanding the business and market dynamics of various sizes and sectors.

We maintain direct relationships with them, allowing us to closely interpret their needs and share strategies and objectives, working together to achieve concrete results.

Born sustainable

Our approach to ESG policies is cultural and substantial, and is preceded by the daily practice of the values incorporated in our ethical code.

For us, sustainability and individual and collective responsibility towards society and the environment are not boxes to tick or grids of procedures.

No “box ticking”: we have simply codified the virtuous behaviors that we expect from all members of the firm.

We do our part to respect the environment and to help improve society, focusing particularly on the lives of the most fragile, while ensuring the highest integrity and reliability in the delivery of professional services.

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