You always fight to win and to do so you have to master the techniques and know the rules, but aboveall one has to have measured one’s own strengths. We fully make our clients’ cases our own and unreservedly place all our experience, expertise and passion at their service.

Which is why we consider it essential that the decision to start a legal battle is taken by the client with the maximum support on our part in assessing the reasonably achievable result, the investment required in terms of time and costs, as well as the pros and cons of the strategies pursued.

Anyone who does business in Italy will appreciate the added value of the profound knowledge of substantive and procedural administrative law: Our country is indeed deeply bound to a legal tradition that sees every private activity accompanied by an equally if not more important public influence.

The simplification undergone by the public administration in recent decades at a general regulatory level has yet to translate into a true proximity to the citizen, entrepreneur or business person, who still often find themselves lost in their dealings with the public administration. Our firm works with professionals who have over twenty years experience in this field and who are able to accompany private initiatives along procedural paths, with the aim of achieving concrete results with full transparency, efficiency and economy.



We know our customers’ mission, their organization, business strategies and the market logic in which they operate. It is a cultural heritage that we are committed to enriching with each new assignment and that allows us to be the best allies of the companies we assist.

This is how we are able to effectively apply our expertise in corporate law, bankruptcy and business contracting and to provide our clients with operational, practical and effective consultancy based on a recognized theoretical expertise, which has its own distinctive feature in being tailored to the business reality and the market environment of the individual undertaking. We distinguish ourselves in proposing solutions, enhancing opportunities and being the clients’ active partner, both in the management of current contract practice and in assistance in negotiating strategic deals.

The management of employment relationships within the company is one of the most demanding activities and one of those that can easily lead to conflicts. 

The potentially confrontational nature of the workplace can be mitigated by the effective management of the human resources and the employment relationships within the company through a careful application of labor law, social security and welfare rules and the compliance tools that protect staff privacy and safety in the workplace.

Our services are not limited, therefore, to the defense in court, but also involve a careful interpretation of the client’s needs, both in the negotiation of employment contracts and in the definition of incentive and loyalty policies for managerial staff.

The management of the relationship with trade unions and the analysis of potential collective negotiations complete our assistance.



Corporate criminal law and, more generally, economic criminal law are typically very dynamic. The complexity and fragmentation of the regulatory framework and our desire to offer to the clients, alongside legal skills, an ability to immediately understand business and accounting dynamics, have led us to create a high-profile scientific-interdisciplinary working group.

This allows us to intervene with effectiveness and immediacy in the solicitation (or management) of precautionary and preventive instruments which, normally, draw the profit from criminal cases such as bankruptcy and bankruptcy crimes, corporate crimes, financial violations and tax crimes. However, our activity in procedural law is complemented by consultancy, particularly in the area of ​​administrative responsibility of entities in the event of the evaluation and the restructuring of organization and management.

Intellectual property and information technology are the backbone of the contemporary economy. More than any others it is these two areas that continue to pose the lawyer new problems, the solution of which demands both an in-depth knowledge of normative principles and a creative approach to the same, not to mention a constant attention to the lines along which these are developing.Our firm intends to stand in the forefront in this consultancy sector offering support in the face of the constantly mutating challenges arising from the affirmation of totally new ways of doing business. In this view of things our assistance particularly considers the issues of strategic consulting and the defence of intellectual and industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, business secrets, copyrights) right from their genesis, alongside that of IT outsourcing, cloud computing, e-commerce and software. In allying the two areas of law, the firm is actively involved in the application of blockchain technology to the protection of Intellectual Property.



Legal advice to companies cannot be considered separately from the fundamental field of personal data protection. The digital transformation of the economy, the role of electronic devices as appendages of thought and desires, the consequent transformation of individuals into human sensors – are all themes whose impact on the fundamental rights of everyone and on society as a whole has led the European Union to tighten its legislative mesh with the GDPR, in order to bring the matter of personal data protection to the attention of top company executives.

Our firm has been structured to accompany clients in navigating the complex world of personal data, providing assistance in corporate compliance, in the management of claims and data breaches, up to defence before the administrative and judicial authorities.

The doctor-patient relationship has been influenced by a growing attention to the patient’s protection and to a general tendency to resort to judicial proceedings.

The threatened therapeutic alliance often makes it difficult to balance the fundamental right of the patient to receive treatment and that of the doctors to freely and consciously carry out their mandate. Hence the growing trend of defensive medicine and the widespread demand for protection addressed to criminal law. The involvement of the health care worker in a criminal proceeding represents a challenging test both professionally and personally regardless of its outcome. In consideration of this our professional engagement ensures the maximum protection of the client but at the same time it remains proudly distant from a purely speculative approach.



Associations, foundations and social enterprises play a prominent role in the social fabric and have requirements not unlike those of commercial enterprises in terms of respecting the rules and protection of rights. But beyond that, to carry out their mission to the full, they need to know the opportunities and respect the established constraints precisely because of their particular status. Absence of profit does not diminish the importance of effective management and a special attention to compliance.

Which is why our assistance goes beyond the moment of creation of the institutional body and the phases of recognition of the legal personality, but continues in evaluating regulatory adjustments, in the management of tender procedures and participation in calls instrumental to their mission.

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